Robert WardCOO

    For approximately 20 years Robert Ward has been on the front line of the trenchless technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of fold-and-form PVC pipe liner technology. As owner of a Colorado based construction company he successfully installed approximately 1.5 million feet of PVC fold and form liner. Bob worked closely with a German plastic pipe manufacturer to evaluate their PVC fold-and form pipe lining product for the U.S market. As a contractor he was also involved in several other aspects of the trenchless technology business which include Manhole Rehabilitation (licensed Raven installer), Point Repairs, Chemical Grouting, Televising and Cleaning. Robert holds four US Patents related to the underground repair of underground pipelines using robotic methods. In 2013 he came out of retirement to become Chief Operating Officer for the next generation in PVC fold-and form technology, Dynaliner. He worked closely with the manufacturer to develop what he believes to be the best and easiest to install pipeliner on the market today.